EnExPlan stands for Energy Expert Planning, a new generation of energy efficiency technology. As the worlds first complete "do-it-yourself" energy-saving Software as a Service (SaaS), we are changing the whole energy-saving process.

Building owners and managers, contractors, energy specialists and consultants will appreciate the ease with which EnExPlan helps find and track energy-saving opportunities in record time and at a fraction of the cost.


Save money

EnExplan helps you save money by providing you with specific information on saving energy within your company or organization. Way faster and cheaper than any other alternative. Reducing energy expenses will highly impact your NOI and capitatized asset value.

Energy Saving Breakdown

Energy efficiency is the most important source of energy

Save time

Let EnExplan automatically process the complex engineering load calculations, saving you a great deal of time.


Benchmark individual buildings as well as any combination of group of buildings in your company against each other or against industry standards to quickly see which ones are performing better. Highlight the poor performers in order to take corrective action.

Leverage EnExPlan into a competitive advantage

Take Control

EnExplan allows you to organize your energy data and promote the right energy-saving solutions according to your corporate objectives.

Create compelling and dynamic graphical renderings for internal and external use.

Track energy savings

EnExplan gives you the ability to conduct energy analysis sequentially over time enabling you to monitor your progress and capture more details than any other traditional method.

Powerful and intuitive do-it-yourself energy saving software

Monitor your carbon footprint

EnExPlan will automatically calculate your carbon footprint and track the reductions resulting from your energy saving measures, making it easier to become more environmentally responsible.

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), more than 4.2 million commercial buildings waste an average of 30% of their energy that owners and tenants pay for.

  • The traditional methods of finding solutions that reduce energy usage typically require help from energy professionals and could be very time-consuming.
  • Technical and non-technical users alike will find EnExPlan easy to use by simply following our step-by-step guidance tool "Easy Steps."
  • Users will be able to quickly identify, implement, and track energy-savings, helping make buildings more energy-efficient, more comfortable, and more valuable.
  • Select and drop one or more energy-saving measure from our growing library, and let EnExPlan take care of the complex load calculations, run simulations and provide you with convincing reports showing which opportunity generated the greater savings.
  • EnExPlan will bring you to take better-informed decisions regarding your energy-efficiency and will incite you to take actions towards reducing your carbon emissions. We adapted EnExPlan to function in every region of the world!

Is EnExPlan for you?

We designed EnExPlan for Building Owners and Managers as well as for all energy professionals who have a need for finding, implementing and tracking energy savings measures.

Building Owners and Managers:

EnExPlan will become your "in-house / on staff" energy expert capable of handling the most sophisticated engineering load calculations. EnExPlan will enable you to explore, quickly and easily, the many energy-saving opportunities possible for your buildings. From there, you may choose the one(s) with the most favorable payback.

Benchmark your buildings against other buildings in your portfolio, or compare them against the industry. Our vibrant and professional graphical renderings will make your energy data come alive providing you with priceless new insight about your buildings.

Energy Specialists / Audit Engineers / Architects:

EnExPlan is an innovative tool that will give your engineering firm a clear advantage over conventional methods, such as spreadsheet, by dramatically reducing the time spent per client thus improving your margins. An EnExPlan membership will give you access to a growing library of energy-saving opportunities and help you grow your business. As an energy specialist, you can now offer your clients a shorter response time and a greater service scope when presenting your energy reports.

Contractors / Suppliers:

EnExPlan is your personalized engineering assistant that will enable you to find energy savings, conduct cost-saving simulations, and estimate project payback periods for your clients. Gone is the long wait for engineering audits. Sell more projects by providing energy project analysis through online, SaaS-based software.

EnExPlan will be your partner in preparing highly credible and compelling reports that will help ensure that you receive quick approval for job submissions. Generate unlimited business efficiency proposals.

How It works

EnExPlan uses a six (6) step process that enables you to rapidly and intuitively create your building and enter basic information in order to start finding energy saving opportunities. You can then create simulations to estimate potential energy savings, implement the most advantageous measures and start tracking your progress.