So Here We Are

Published on Tuesday, 2 July 2013 11:52:25    Written by Marc

This is the first of what we hope will be a long series of articles, comments, and interesting exchanges. It is here that we will be providing you with tips, advice stories and experiences, good and bad, relating to our various fields of expertise: Real estate, Energy management, Capital expenditures, capital planning, and a few others.

oursolution2 At the core of our team we are a group of people, friends, partners that came together to create online business software products.

We are insiders, people coming from within medium to large size organizations, with deep knowledge in each of our respective fields. With each of us having between 20 and 25 years of experience in various industries, we are not exactly your typical college start-up. Some of us have worked together in supplier-client relations which evolved into friendships and then into business ventures (which still exist and flourish today). Other partners & colleagues met through traveling and extraordinary circumstances).

In early 2010, the idea of creating something useful and new was born. We wished to consolidate all of our years of experience (trade, construction, HVAC and automation, engineering, energy, real estate, retail and others) and make a difference by simplifying and automating routine tasks through our online software; in some cases we also looked at what we would want to create for our own usage with the idea that WE would be our first client. This is obviously not something new, many companies have started out by creating something that was needed right away. What are new; however, are our product line and our way to deliver it, pricing strategy, and our support for the various modules. As for our background, well some of us worked for large companies in engineering, others for multi-billion dollar manufacturers in sales (think Johnson Controls and Trane for example), some for companies spread out around the globe (Cirque du Soleil) or dominant in their market (Cadillac Fairview, Transcontinental). We have all gained the experience that allows us today to give something back by sharing ideas, tips, and lessons learned to our readers. We have worked on all five continents, literally. We lived and worked through many problems and made many mistakes. When managing over a billion dollars in annual spent spread out over thousands of suppliers, you rather get a feeling for procurement in general. If you do lease management for around 200 real estate sites, you get a feeling for leases and real estate expenses. When providing engineering calculations and retrofit projects for every type of building around the globe, after 25 years you develop a ton of rules of thumb and natural instincts at analyzing given situations (call them intuitions). It was due to this that our business productivity suite, ExPlan Suite, was born.

Around the world with our clients

We mentioned that we have worked on all continents and it is true. From our base in North America, we have traveled and worked almost everywhere over the years. Moreover, in the process, some of us have made some places their second home, like China (Marc), South & Central America (Adrien), and the South Pacific (Braden). This makes us aware of various cultures and adapts our ways of doing things. One of our existing companies sells HVAC products and turnkey solutions for enterprises. On many occasions, we simply follow our clients to their next project, so if our client has an interesting proposal in Romania, well there is a fair chance someone in the company will be speaking some Romanian words in a few months. Actually, each of us already speaks a few languages and we are always happy to continue to learn. From Botswana to France, from China to Brazil, we have followed our clients. We tend to stick with our clients and they seem to stick with us, so it is often a good fit. We hope you will enjoy this blog and we invite you to share with us your stories, comments, tips, and ideas any time.

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