Life is Easier with Good Tools

Published on Wednesday, 26 February 2014 07:22:59    Written by Marc
I like tools. Walking to a Home Depot, a Reno Depot or any other hardware store for me is like children in toy shops. I guess many men are like that (some women also by the way). Nevertheless, I really like tools. I guess I got this from my father since he has being purchasing just about every type of tool out there for the last 50 some years, and he is still at it. When the closest hardware store closed for renovation, my mother told me they saved a ton of money but during that time, my father was going crazy. Go figure…

life is easy with the proper toolsI often think some of the tools I purchase I will never use, until the day I am happy I did.

The other day I decided to do some maintenance on my pool robot. Since its winter, it is a good time for this so I checked what needed to be fixed. I noticed that the tracks on each side needed to be replaced, so I went and purchased the bulldozer like tracks that the robot uses to move. Then when I was ready to replace the tracks, I check the manual and read a few comments on the internet on how to replace these parts. One comment on the internet suggests that the best way to replace the parts is to use a "Torx drive bit (#20), with flexible shaft for cordless drill."

I was reading and smiling. Who in their right mind would have this thing at home… It then dawned on me. Hey, wait a minute, I have that, I bought that (it was on special, as most of my tools are purchased when they come on special) about a year or two ago. I have never used it yet. I found the tool in my working room, and sure enough, changing the tracks with that tool was a breeze.

Indeed, life is better when you have the proper tool, it can change your entire perspective on things (from having a miserable time to a walk in the park, or almost). Of course, in some cases, it can make your life a little better, but sometimes it can make between doing something and simply not doing it at all. Have you ever changed a tire on a car without a car lift or a jack of some kind? It is better to have a good breakfast before.

At Almiranta, we like to pride ourselves as toolmakers, business virtual toolmakers to be more precise, but toolmakers nonetheless. This is our profession, we try to create tools that are unique and that will help the users in their real life. Features are nice to show on paper, but results are what count. Moreover, we are firm believers that the best tools produce the best results. Our flagship third module, EnExPlan, will be released soon. EnExPlan stands for Energy Expert Planning. We have put the last three and a half years into making this tool one of a kind and we will continue to improve it during the coming months and years to make it an even better tool. This is what we strive to do.

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