EnExPlan: Our Newest Product

Published on Friday, 18 July 2014 14:48:56    Written by Marc
This month we are preparing to launch our newest product, EnExPlan, which stands for Energy Expert Planning.

It is the world’s first, complete, do-it-yourself program for finding, implementing, and tracking energy savings in your company.

enex_logoEnExPlan does just that. It enables companies to find and implement energy savings just as specialized engineers do, except at a much lower price than hiring a consultant do to the work.

Energy calculation is complex by nature; this is why engineers, and not any type, engineers that are specialized in energy, traditionally do it. Therefore, the project was a challenge from the start.

Cramping in all the features we wanted increased the complexity and programming time exponentially but we are happy to have completed our first version. In addition, we are already developing lots of features and tools, which we will gradually add in the coming week and months to make the product even better.

Do you remember the time before the home hardware stores existed? To do renovation you needed to find contractors, which knew where to find the proper materials and do the work for you. If you dared to do the renovation or construction yourself, you had to wander in many little shops to find the proper material and hope you could do the work, maybe find a book on how to do the task. With the arrival of the large home hardware, the number of do-it-yourself projects has skyrocketed.

Using the power of the internet to research the processes and the materials required, large home hardware had made renovating easier, cheaper, and more fun by providing the knowledge and materials all at one convenient location.

People have taken control over many aspects of their renovation projects at home and this is exactly what we offer with our EnExPlan product. With EnExPlan, people can now become the energy expert without the need for external consultants. EnExPlan is easy to use, yet powerful, precise and complete.

In addition, because of the arrival of our new product, we will be more frequently posting blogs about energy-saving ideas and tips. We hope you will appreciated them and we will try to bring you tips and ideas on how you can reduce your energy consumption in your company or organization and at the same time, reduce your carbon footprint. Stay tuned!