EnExplan stands for Energy Expert Planning, a new generation of energy efficiency technology. EnExPlan helps you to find, implement, and track energy savings. As the world's first complete "do-it-yourself" energy-saving Software as a Service (SaaS)...

RealExPlan enables you to rapidly and intuitively create and save leases within minutes, making your complete lease management hassle free. RealExPlan also comes packed with tools and a report generator to better help keep track...

CapExPlan offers an intuitive, yet powerful way to better plan and manage your capital expenditures across your company, streamline your entire authorization process and track your expenses. It’s focus is solely on capital expenditures...

Bringing Solid Benefits to Companies and Organizations

ExPlan Suite is a new business productivity software suite that is a Software as a Service (SaaS). Each module is comprised of powerful tools that offer potential cost saving features. User friendly and intuitive, ExPlan Suite will save you time and money.

Whether your plan concerns finding dynamic energy-saving solution (EnExPlan), capital expenditure planning (CapExPlan), or real estate lease management (RealExPlan), ExPlan Suite offers unparalleled efficiency and cost benefits to companies and organizations.

Save time and money

Easy and intuitive


Powerful features and tools

A New Level of Efficiency

When it comes to management efficiency, ExPlan Suite will take you to another level.

We created the ExPlan Suite modules with the user in mind, providing a complete solution that helps you identify potential saving and better manage your daily workload. Our modules are easy to understand with a soft learning curve, taking management efficiency to another level.

Practical - Powerful - Intuitive

Many existing business tools on the market are either difficult to use, or require weeks even months to learn and are not practical. Who needs a system that can create a hundred types of reports and spreadsheets if nobody has time to read them?

ExPlan Suite modules have no limit to the numbers of users who work at the same time. We designed the modules to work hand­-in-hand with each other. In fact, when moving from one module to another, you will always find yourself in a familiar environment.

ExPlan Suite features wizards and a step-­by-­step process work flow, in order to provide a better user experience. After trying ExPlan Suite, you will wonder how you managed without it!

Maximum Security

We take information security very seriously. We protect our clients' information from theft by utilizing common-sense methods such as file system encryption, database encryption, strict password requirements, amongst other things. We also provide an additional proprietary level of encryption that we call "Layer 3", which makes it so that ONLY YOU and nobody else (including our own staff) can access your data.

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