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Solve Your Problems With Our Fully Integrated Business Suite

real estate capital planning capital expenditure lease management
ExPlan Suite is a business productivity suite of interconnecting modules aimed at improving efficiency, controlling and reducing operating costs of companies and organizations. ExPlan Suite provides easy to use cutting-edge innovative solutions for today’s business problems. Our modules assist companies and organizations in becoming more efficient by saving time and money and giving them access to great features and practical tools that you can use for day-to-day work. The ExPlan Suite of modules eliminates the need for weeks (sometimes months) of training to learn a new system.

Our modules are offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), with annual memberships. This means that there is no installation required and you only need an internet browser. The modules come with enterprise wide licenses, meaning that you only need to purchase one membership per module, regardless of the number of users.

Let us help you solve your business process problems. Try CapExPlan or RealExPlan for 30 days free, using our Free Trial.

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real estate capital planning capital expenditure lease management
The world’s first complete do-it-yourself software for finding, implementing and tracking energy savings in your company

  • EnExPlan stands for Energy Expert Planning and is the first of its kind. EnExPlan provides you with all you need to start finding and implementing energy savings in your building
  • Create your building and automatically run powerful load calculations in record time
  • Identify areas of high consumption and find energy saving opportunities for your site
  • See how much energy and money you can save by creating energy reduction simulations
  • Create business cases with financial analysis
  • Compare your building consumption to industry standards
  • Create benchmarks among your properties to identify sources of potential savings
  • Track your progress for energy savings as well as carbon footprint reduction
  • Run and export numerous reports
  • For more information on the benefits that EnExPlan offers, please contact us today!

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